Setting Intentions

And learning to nurture.

Icon of a seated yoga pose.
Spoiler alert: yoga is good. Do yoga.

As much as I love October, I couldn’t be happier to have November here. October was overly busy. November is starting off super busy as well, but in a much different way. It’s off to a great start. To kick it off, I got a good haircut, which can really do wonders for us sometimes, can’t it? I’m getting back into some of the things at work that are reminding me why I love leadership. I’m staying active every day. I’m finding my more creative side again and generating some new ideas instead of just tackling the day-to-day. And, it’s my birthday month.

Photo of Bri
Seriously, isn’t this hair just ❤

I’m finding the busy/happy balance.

I don’t have much for this blog post, but I wanted to just take a minute to write about intention. I’m gearing up for yoga class tonight and reflecting on a great class I had last week. 

If you’re into yoga, you’ve probably had a teacher tell you at some point at the beginning of class to set an intention. They leave it wide open to interpretation, because yoga is largely about letting you do you, which is part of the beauty of it. Basically, the goal is finding something to focus on, something to guide your mind as you work through your practice.

And if you’ve ever tried to do it, you know it’s really freaking hard. 

I’ve loosely done it before. Thought about someone I knew was hurting who I wanted to send positive energy to. Thought of something I wanted to get off my chest. Tried to empty my thoughts out completely and spend an hour not thinking (yeah, right). I’d say I’ve had some degree of success, but I’ve never really felt like I nailed it, or like it was something I was able to keep throughout an entire hour of practice. 

Until last week. 

Last week, I chose the intention of nurturing, turned inward toward myself. I know.


I set the intention to see every breath, every pose, every win, every mistake or misstep as a nourishment or nurture of myself instead of whatever my mind would typically have gone towards. Not celebrating. Not chastising. Simply accepting whatever happened as a nourishment–as a positive component of the whole practice. 

And you know what? It worked. Partially thanks to a great teacher who made us stop halfway and reminded us to revisit that intention, which really did help reset it. But it worked. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m hard on myself. Like…reeeaaaallly hard on myself. I analyze my every thought, every action, every everything, and often not in a positive way. In so many ways, and oftentimes really unnecessarily. 

But last week, I had just the right mood and decided to take a stand and loosen my own judgement. And it was noticeable. I moved better, played more, smiled when I teetered, focused harder on making my body softer. 

And it felt amazing. Yoga is amazing, for so many reasons. One of which is the way it helps us be more intentional–even if it takes years to really learn what that looks or feels or sounds like. I think I’m finally learning what it can mean. 

For now, for myself, I’m going to try to nurture softer. 


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